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Tejas: A Unique Programme of Priestly Formation of the Fransalians (MSFS)

Tejas Vidya Peetha of the Fransalians (M.S.F.S) offers a unique programme of priestly formation going beyond traditional method of priestly formation and making it relevant to the needs of 21st century missionary situation. Tejas envisages a participatory formation programme. It emphasizes both a solid theological education and a direct involvement in the actual life situations of people leading to a transformation of the theologian as well as an enrichment of theology itself.

Two new features of Tejas formation programme are the Cultural Immersion Programme(CIP) and sharing of the expenditure of formation by the students through their work and earning during the free time. Tejas collaborates with FidesIndia Society of the South West Province which has taken up social transformation programmes in many villages in the vicinity of the campus and in various districts of Karnataka and Kerala. The students of Tejas get involved in some of the projects of FidesIndia as a part of their academic programme.

Tejas attempts to provide opportunities to the students of theology for a religious, spiritual and academic formation with an attitude of openness to be transformed by the Spirit of the Lord and the religio-cultural and socio-economic life-situation of our country. The method of approach to the context they learn at Tejas and the experience they gather in their contact with people and reflected upon would enable them to be effective in their mission wherever they are sent.

Tejas is not a traditional type of Major Seminary. Docile to the Holy Spirit who makes everything new, both the staff and the students commit themselves to this new way of theological and religious formation different from what they were used to or thought of. However, this change is not for the sake of change, but a courageous step with a conviction that religious and priestly life must recapture its prophetic and mystical dimensions to challenge the world of consumerism, divisions and the evil effects of globalization. Therefore, those in Tejas are committed to value themselves and others as persons with God-given dignity and to respect them. They will positively promote whatever is good and noble in other persons, men or women, Christian or believers of other religions, cultures or ideologies and relativise or de-value possessions and positions of power.

They commit themselves to a life that is simple, joyful, friendly, positive and pro-active. Both individually and as a community they reject the culture of consumerism and luxurious living that reduces the quality of religious life and sometimes an anti-witness to the values Jesus stood for. Tejas formation attempts to inculcate the values through a participatory formation programme so that the students become convinced of these values that they follow them throughout their lives.

Tejas formation is contextual and mission-oriented. Both the staff and the students are to be alert to the life of the people and what is happening in the society that either promotes or destroys human life and dignity as well as the environment. As members of a missionary religious congregation they are to remind themselves of their commitment to live and proclaim Gospel values wherever they are with courage and conviction


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The student community with an animator can opt for any of the following departments to concretely implement some projects which are immediately related to the formation programme. This is a learning process and is an extension of the academic activities at Tejas.

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In order to promote contextual theology the Journal of Indian Theology was founded in 2008. This venture of Tejas involves much commitment from the staff and the students. There are 3 issues a year. .