Our Motto

The Motto Tejasvinãv-adhita-mastu

The motto of Tejas Vidya Peetha is taken from the Taittiriya Upanishad 2.1.1. Tejasvinãv-adhita-mastu or ‘may we be illumined by our study’ expresses the prayerful yearning of a student who seeks true enlightenment by an experiential knowledge of God and by discovering meaning of human existence in the world. Illumined by the Light that enlightens every human being coming into the world (cfr John1.4) and led by the power of the Holy Spirit who leads everyone into Truth, a student of theology at Tejas is a pilgrim of Truth revealed in Jesus Christ, the true Light. Enlightened by the study of theology in dialogue with the context of religious pluralism and poverty of the masses a student of Tejas Vidya Peetha is empowered to transform our society as a mystic and a prophet through self-emptying service. Enlightened by the true Light they are called to ‘let their light shine before all’ (Mt. 5:14).

Two new features of Tejas formation programme are the Cultural Immersion Programme (CIP) and sharing of the expenditure of formation by the students through their work and earning during the free time. Tejas collaborates with FidesIndia Society of the South West Province which has taken up social transformation programmes in many villages in the vicinity of the campus and in various districts of Karnataka and Kerala. The students of Tejas get involved in some of the projects of FidesIndia as a part of their academic programme.

The Crest

The emblem of Tejas Vidya Peetha expresses the Trinitarian foundation of community life and academic activities at Tejas Vidya Peetha, Institute of Mission-oriented and Contextual Theology. The Symbol of the Triune God with the three Persons in Absolute Communion with a Cross in the centre of the Trinity is the main focus of the emblem.

The cosmo-theandric reality, namely, the inter-relatedness of God, humans and the world, is depicted with the symbol of the Trinity, a sketch of the globe and the two human hands that offer humans and their world to God, reaching out in surrender and communion.

The Cross at the Heart of the Trinity with a breaking line in the middle of the Cross is the symbol of a suffering God who suffers because God is Love. This compassionate love of God is to bring Humans and their world into communion with the Absolute communion of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The self-emptying love of God expressed in suffering for others on the Cross of life uniting humans and the world challenges humans to live in communion and to prophetically challenge everything that destroys communion and thus enter into the radiance (tejas) of the Divine. In the Divya Tejas or Divine Radiance symbolized by the circles of rays, both humans and their world become radiant.


TEJAS logo

The student community with an animator can opt for any of the following departments to concretely implement some projects which are immediately related to the formation programme. This is a learning process and is an extension of the academic activities at Tejas.

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In order to promote contextual theology the Journal of Indian Theology was founded in 2008. This venture of Tejas involves much commitment from the staff and the students. There are 3 issues a year.